Teaser: Meet Sebastian Sildur

Pre-launch teaser introducing Sebastian Sildur, the evil guy you'll love to hate. He's mild-mannered and menacing. He's into skulls. He has a vision for the future. Happy endings aren't part of the plan.


Dogfight by Alexander Nakarada Link: License:

Podcast cover art: Loren Desore: Deviant Art:

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Jan Nichols is the creator, writer and producer of The History Singer podcast. A classically trained singer, Jan has been giving voice to stories for most of her life. As a former creative services agency owner and currently as head of content for emerging cloud tech companies, Jan has honed her craft as a professional writer.

After five years in development, The History Singer podcast, based on book one of a planned trilogy, is ready to delight and enthrall audiences who love epic adventures, compelling characters and the limitless possibilities of sci-fi.